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Like many people during the 2020 pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty and job security was in doubt. I decided to buy a freeze-dryer and sell the products as a side hustle to help make ends meet for my family. From a small cottage food operator out of my garage to renting a commercial kitchen, I've grown my freeze-dried business to a healthy and sustainable level for my lifestyle.

David 'FreezeDriedKing'

Connecting the Freeze-Drying Business Community 

Tackling the food industry was quite complicated, especially for freeze-dried foods as most local health districts are not familiar enough with the process and can therefore implement restrictive guidelines and limit the products you can sell to the public. The freeze-dried industry has transformed into a rapidly growing community of small businesses and I noticed a lack of resources available online so I started a YouTube channel and this website to help fill in the gaps.

Hi, I'm David.

My mission is to connect the freeze-dried business community with the resources and tools to grow a sustainable business.

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